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Culture: An architecture which takes into consideration the complex nature of our society, “complex” in the sense of its Latin root “a whole comprised of parts, a weaving together,” and design processes and construction projects where there is a mixing of cultures, a plurality of viewpoints and exchanges in the contemporary world.
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Economy: An architecture that favours a plural economy combing solidarity and proximity. A protocol for design and construction which envisages a green economy (reducing the flow of transport, re-using materials, using non-polluting and recyclable materials, using renewable energy and reducing site time).
Enviroment: An architecture which takes into account ecological philosophy, and is conscious of natural environments and their links to the territories inhabited. An architectural style that combines data related to climate, economic resources (soil, water), the formation of landscapes and local geographies.
Technique: An architecture advocating a “measured technique” involving the ancient constructions and sustainable, advanced technologies, oriented towards ecological demands and the comfort factor of buildings.
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Art: An architecture that highlights architectural aesthetics “capable and relational” through a welcoming design space, open to multiple practices, and an architectural language that highlights the evidence of forms, and the richness of contemporary mouldings.